VRS Declaration

  • You have identified that your personal circumstances at the moment are such that you feel
    you do not want to run the risk of running up further debt or financial stress and you would
    like to take personal control of this.
  • Any new application for credit, financial facility or gambling account will then be considered
    by the lender / organisation knowing the information you have provided to us, or if you
    would prefer you can opt not to be considered for any further credit or financial facility
    while you are registered with the VRS. This may also stop you receiving unwanted offers for
    credit or other types of finance.
  • You would also like lenders and organisations with which you already have a relationship
    and which use the VRS to be aware of your change in circumstances when, for example,
    dealing with any repayment issues you may have. All the lender / organisation will see is
    your name and address and the fact that you have registered with the VRS together with the
    appropriate vulnerability flag you have chosen.
  • The VRS is an independent register and your details will not be used for anything other than
    to help you at this difficult time.
  • You will remain on the register for an initial period of three months. After the initial three
    months you may remove yourself from the register at any time you choose by asking us to
    do this by contacting support@vregservice.co.uk.
  • We require your explicit consent to process this data about you, you have the right to
    remove this consent at any time, full details can be found in our privacy notice. By
    registering for the VRS HHS Initiative you are providing confirmation that you wish your
    details to be added to the VRS in the way described above.