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The Vulnerability Registration Service (VRS) is a free not-for-profit organisation, designed to help people who have circumstances that need to be taken into consideration by the organisations that they have contact with.

Healthy Homes Solutions Limited (HHS) has launched the HHS & VRS Initiative, a support and triage service designed to assist vulnerable and fuel-poor individuals across several UK regions to access a variety of services they may not know they are eligible for.

For more information, click ‘register’ and complete the form. The HHS team can directly register you for certain services using your details, streamlining the process to save you time, and effort, and reduce anxiety. For services where direct registration is not possible, the team will provide helpful signposting information to guide you.

How do I find out more about which services I am entitled to?

Healthy Homes Solutions (HHS), sponsored by Cadent Gas and Wales and West Utilities, have set up a free one-stop member triage support team, to specifically help vulnerable households in a specific set of areas, as part of a staged rollout across the UK.

For more information on these services, simply click ‘register’ to fill out the form or call us at 0800 151 3014. Our friendly Healthy Homes team is here to walk you through the services we can apply for together, and those you can apply for yourself.

If you wish to talk to a member of the team click register to book an appointment or call 0800 151 3014

Additional Services

Priority Services register (PSR)

The Priority Services Register (PSR) offers a helping hand to those who need it most, allowing vulnerable customers to get free support from their energy supplier or network operator. This service is designed to make life easier, with no cost involved. Every energy and water supplier and network operator has its own register, so you can sign up and receive benefits that help streamline managing your energy supply, making your day-to-day a bit easier.


  • Providing alternative heating and cooking facilities should the gas be interrupted as part of the network programme.
  • The use of a password facility to keep vulnerable homes safe on their doorstep. They provide this through ensuring that engineers follow a strict process and must allow the householder to check engineer credentials easily.
  • For the purposes of safety, if the member has a gas emergency control valve (ECV) and cannot reach it due to poor mobility, Cadent may be able to move this to a more convenient position.
  • Providing translation services should there be a need for it 24/7, 365 days of the year.


Carbon Monoxide Awareness and Monitors (CO)

Vulnerable VRS members might qualify for free carbon monoxide (CO) monitors, crucial for detecting odourless and colourless gas to prevent CO poisoning. With less than half of UK homes equipped with these lifesaving devices, the risk is higher, especially during the energy-demanding winter months. To increase safety, government guidelines recommend installing CO monitors in rooms with fuel-burning appliances, positioned according to specific height requirements.

Do you need a free CO monitor? If you’re part of the Healthy Homes initiative, the team can secure a CO monitor for you if you are in a Cadent or Wales and West region. Just give the Healthy Homes team a call on 0800 151 3014 to authorise the request, and they’ll handle the rest.

NOTE: If you do smell gas at any time, immediately call 0800 111 999 at any time of the day or night.

Mental Health Support

Our team can direct you to essential mental health support in your area. In the Wales and West regions, we work with Mental Health UK to offer comprehensive services and advice, and in the Cadent regions, we collaborate with Shout 86258, ensuring you get tailored support for emotional, psychological, and social well-being. If you need assistance, contact the Healthy Homes team on 0800 151 3014 and register today.

Cancer health Support

Maggie’s offers compassionate, free support to anyone affected by cancer, providing a nurturing environment for patients and their families. At their centres, available across the Cadent and WWU areas, you can access practical advice, emotional support, and a welcoming community without needing an appointment. They offer tailored advice, emotional support for families, and resources for managing symptoms and side effects. For more information on Maggie’s Cancer Care, register with the HHS and VRS Initiative or call the team on 0800 151 3014 for further guidance.

Save Money on your Heating Bills

Registering with the HHS and VRS Initiative grants access to essential information and support from both the National Energy Action (NEA) and Healthy Homes Solutions (HHS). NEA offers guidance for those struggling with energy bills, providing a list of reputable support organisations and tailored advice to manage and reduce energy costs effectively. HHS shares practical tips to save on energy and water bills, with opportunities for free or discounted services for eligible households. If you need further help, contact the Healthy Homes team on 0800 151 3014 and register today.

Warm Home Discount

The Warm Home Discount Scheme provides a reduction on energy bills for winter months, available to eligible individuals, especially those on low incomes or receiving certain benefits. This discount, applied directly to your energy bill, helps manage costs without affecting other winter payments. Contact the Healthy Homes team for assistance within the relevant winter months and talk through the application process by registering today or calling 0800 151 3014.

Benefit and Home Improvement Eligibility Checks

The Healthy Homes Solutions team assists UK residents in accessing over £21 billion in unclaimed benefits and grants, providing a comprehensive eligibility check for financial support and energy efficiency grants. Through a partnership with Entitledto, they offer personalised, confidential assistance to enhance home insulation, heating, and renewable energy solutions, aiming to reduce energy costs and promote sustainable living. The team guides residents through the application process, simplifying access to these resources to improve home energy efficiency – so register today and see if your are eligible.

Debt Management and Advice

Struggling with debt? We have partnered with PayPlan to provide free, expert debt advice to guide you towards financial freedom. With over 30 years of experience and helping over 1 million people, they offer effective solutions tailored to your needs. To start regaining control of your finances, register today and book a call with one of the Healthy Homes team.

Telephone Preference Service (TPS)

The Telephone Preference Service (TPS) is the UK’s official registry to block unwanted sales calls on both landline and mobile phones. Registration is free and legally stops most unsolicited calls. The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) enforces this, fining violators. If unwanted calls persist after registration, complaints can be made directly to the TPS. Register today and book a call with one of the Healthy Homes team to find out more.

The Alzheimer’s Society Support and Advice

Alzheimer’s Society offers crucial support for those affected by dementia, with phone advice, local activities, and an online community. They provide resources in multiple formats, ensuring accessible information for everyone. To understand how to gain access to this support, register with the HHS VRS Initiative and book a call with our team.

Confidential Gambling Help and Advice

GamCare, supported by Healthy Homes, helps those with gambling issues through various services, including helplines and online tools. They offer self-help resources, behaviour change tools, and financial management strategies. To hear more about these services, register with the HHS VRS Initiative or call 0800 151 3014 for personalised support.

Friends Against Scams (A Trading Standards Support Initiative)

Friends Against Scams provides free online training to help individuals recognise and prevent scams, safeguarding themselves and their loved ones. This initiative by National Trading Standards equips people to fight scams effectively. Registering households can access this training to enhance their scam awareness. To join and start protecting your home and community, contact the HHS VRS team at 0800 151 3014 for support.

Water Saving Kits

Water-saving kits help UK homes reduce water use and carbon emissions, contributing to net zero goals. The Healthy Homes team supports registering households to apply for these free kits. To get your water-saving kit, register with the VRS HHS initiative, and our team will guide you through the application process.

Broadband Social Tariffs

Social tariffs can save eligible low-income households up to £144 a year on broadband. The Healthy Homes team will guide you through how to check your eligibility, as criteria vary by provider and may depend on benefits like universal credit. The HHS team can help guide residents, but due to contractual requirements registering households will have to apply directly with their provider. Register today and the HHS team will help talk you through how to apply.

If you are provided your gas by Cadent download this booklet.

If you are provided your gas by Wales and West Utilities download this booklet.

If you are outside the Cadent or Wales and West Utilities area, unfortunately, the HHS and VRS Initiative hasn’t been launched in your area. Feel free to download the booklets for further information on the services we partner with.


What is the Vulnerability Registration Service (VRS)?

The Vulnerability Registration Service (VRS) is a not-for-profit organisation, designed to help people who have circumstances that need to be taken into consideration by the businesses or organisations that they have contact with. There is no cost to the people who register.

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What is the Healthy Homes and VRS Initiative?

HHS partnered with Cadent Gas and Wales & West Utilities to help support the HHS and VRS Initiative to provide essential services to vulnerable and fuel-poor households. By collaborating with utility companies, we aim to offer a one-stop support triage service that makes a real difference to registering households. We hope that more utility companies will join our initiative, allowing us to extend this unique and invaluable service across the entire UK.

If you are interested in helping to fund the HHS & VRS Initiative, please email

How is the initiative funded?

Cadent Gas Ltd and Wales and West Utilities are sponsoring Healthy Homes Solutions to deliver the HHS and VRS Initiative, funded by Ofgem’s Vulnerability Carbon Monoxide Awareness (VCMA) program. This initiative aims to reach vulnerable and fuel-poor households, offering them access to essential services they may be unaware of. Healthy Homes Solutions facilitates this by researching and providing the necessary information, thereby reducing the stress and anxiety associated with finding relevant support services.

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How can I receive the information in accessibility form?

Healthy Homes Solutions is committed to ensuring digital accessibility for people with disabilities. Therefore, if you require braille, large print or the information provided for deaf or hearing-impaired users, please email: or call 0800 151 3014.

Do I have to pay for this service? Is there a cost for this service?

No, the Healthy Homes & VRS Initiative is completely free. Our team offers guidance for applying to additional services or, where possible, applying on your behalf at no charge.

By using our service, you provide the team with relevant information that allows the Healthy Homes team to support you effectively, whether through direct applications or by directing you to useful services like free water-saving kits, broadband social tariffs, and warm home programs. Where individual applications are necessary the team has thoroughly researched the requirements and can equip you with all the necessary information to help you apply yourself.

Liability of service

Regarding the liability of our service, please note that while VRS, Healthy Homes Ltd, Cadent Gas Ltd, and Wales and West Utilities strive to provide the best possible support through this initiative, they cannot be held liable for any issues that may arise. We ensure that the information we offer is accurate and up-to-date at the time of publication.


For a full Terms and Conditions of this service please visit

For full privacy and GDPR statement please visit

All calls are monitored and recorded to ensure the VRS, and Healthy Homes solutions are providing these additional services that support vulnerable people and homes in accordance with the VCMA (Vulnerability and Carbon Monoxide Awareness Ofgem programme, criteria, and legal requirements).

The Healthy Homes Solutions Member Services Team cannot advise on any of the services and initiatives included in this document. The Team is there purely to apply on VRS members behalf or provide information on how best to apply for the services identified and available for vulnerable people and homes.

The VRS and Healthy Homes Solutions have researched and identified what services are currently available. It is outside of the control of both organisations if these services are amended, the criteria for eligibility changes, or they temporarily or permanently close.

The VRS and Healthy Homes initiative will continually monitor the services we identify for our members and will notify them as and when a service changes. Some services may differ between England, Scotland, and Wales, this is due to the different funding mechanisms each government uses to support vulnerable people and homes.

Eligibility criteria:

The eligibly criteria process the Healthy Homes Solutions team performs is an initial check to identify if the home or VRS Member is able to apply for the different services.

If incorrect information that could affect the application at a later date is provided at this time, the VRS and Healthy Homes Solutions cannot be held responsible for any applications that do not meet the specific criteria of the said application.

The VRS Healthy Homes Initiative provides an introduction and application completion process.

Once a service is applied for, (on your behalf) the VRS and The Healthy Homes Solutions team are no longer involved in the process or the relationship you have with the respective service provider. If at any point you wish to close or cancel an application this must be completed with the respective service provider through their normal cancellation procedure found on their website.

Broadband Social Tariffs:

The Broadband Social tariff service require a more personalised process, such as social broadband tariff application – where the member services team can guide VRS members on how to identify if they are eligible for a broadband social tariff through their provider and who to contact to make their application.

Broadband Social tariffs:

Due to broadband services requiring a personalised contract to be in place, the VRS and Healthy Homes can only signpost the VRS members to how to investigate if they are eligible for a reduction and how to apply. Neither the VRS or Healthy Homes Solutions can advise on which Broadband service is best for VRS members, but can signpost them on how to find out if they are eligible for a reduce tariff with their provider.